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Welcome to the Vulpine Imperium!

The Vulpine Imperium© is a fully-interactive Redwall-based online club. Members will join ships, submit to the captain's cruel whimsy, and partake of humourous and entertaining distractions while serving, er, spending time in the club. There is a large and sprawling town wherein are found such staples as an apothecary, a bank, various shops, and a dock.

But be forewarned - failure to perform your tasks properly (or with the proper decorum!) will get you thrown in the brig. Ships can leave the port and have adventures, or stick around to help out with more domestic things. Go to the status page to see what we've accomplished so far, and may the the blessings of His Grace the Emperor tumble down upon you like a golden fog.

Prominent Citizens

1. Emperor Talinn Ryalor I
2. Zilaco Wyndshard
3. Calantorntain S. Pickwic
4. Kazarin al-Pasmati
5. Tanya R. Ironblade
6. Zagger Z. Rath
7. Tiki J. Manson
8. wolf bite
9. Armina Rogue
10. Mackenroe V. Rokford

Top Corporations

1. Crooked Coffers, Inc.
2. Kreehold Barracks
3. Obsidian Holdings LLC.
4. SDS Corporation
5. CDA Caravan / PetroWorks
6. Mandrake Enterpises, Inc.
7. Sharptooths INC.
8. Ye Olde Berries
9. The Director's Men.
10. MAUL.


Weather: Many Clouds
Temperature: Close (82)°


Humidor 2, Yr. 1740, 4:27 pm - 'Ras-trial1' closed.

Macabre 1, Yr. 1738, 1:29 am - Genevieve Ilder became a Captain!

Macabre 7, Yr. 1737, 1:39 pm - Gnarly J. Canton died.

Bugs 11, Yr. 1737, 12:10 am - 'Invocation' was commissioned and built

Bugs 8, Yr. 1737, 7:42 am - Khioniya E. Yamaur died.

Bugs 7, Yr. 1737, 11:57 am - Khioniya M. Yamaur died.

Bugs 7, Yr. 1737, 11:53 am - Khioniya Yamaur died.

Soggus 4, Yr. 1737, 9:59 pm - 'United Shipping and Repair Company' was founded

Soggus 4, Yr. 1737, 9:41 pm - 'Bellerophon' was commissioned and built

Macabre 6, Yr. 1736, 3:35 am - 'House Petron ' is now known as 'CDA Caravan / PetroWorks'

Other News: Martial Law Declared in Amarone

Soggus 4, Yr. 1737, 9:22 pm
Word of Great Disturbance in Amarone continues to reach us even as a total ban on exit or entry to the city was declared by His Majesty’s Ministry of War, with the Army tasked with enforcing a General Quarantine upon the city until “such a time that the period of National Emergency has subsided”. Hushed voices speak of rioting, attempted coup and even armed insurrection taking place in Our Nation’s Capital, beyond the lines of soldiers preventing our further investigation.

Representatives from Our Government’s Ministries were unavailable for comment.

Game Events: A Poll on Woodlanders

Notempre 24, Yr. 1734, 11:07 am
Hello everyone,

As some of you may have heard, the VI is going to be going under a series of reforms, the details of which will be posted for full discussion soon. They include numerous changes and fixes to the site, some major and some minor, but which should update the site to 2015, make it much more newbie friendly, and hopefully allow us to continue for another twelve years. One of these points we wanted to bring to you, the community. Namely, the addition of new playable species to the Vulpine Imperium, in the form of woodlander (traditional Redwall "goodbeasts").

The reasoning for this is because weve heard again and again the complaint about not having woodlanders, which makes it a little difficult to recruit from the Redwall community and anyone else who loved the Redwall books as a kid but hated those pesky vermin. It will be a fairly easily technical thing to do and implement. Exactly how, we're not quite sure of at the moment (they may face some IC discrimination at first), but they will be playable characters-for example, just as you can play a fox now, you can play a squirrel. Overall, the idea is that it will allow us to get quite a few more members and open up some really interesting plot opportunities.

There are two polls for you guys to vote on. The first one is whether or not you want any woodlander characters at all-it is a simple yes or a no poll. The second poll is what types of woodlander characters you would like to see. For this, we have two options. One is a short list, encompassing the most popular woodlander species, including mice, squirrels, otters, and hares. The second is a more expanded list, including the species above but adding shrews, moles, and badgers. Badgers will NOT be overpowered or have bloodlust like in the Redwall books, or be huge. They will be normal sized characters and have the same physical abilities as everyone else.

You can find the links to the polls and more details in the Bilge OOC.

Thanks everyone!

Game Events: The Winter War: Tragedy Strikes! - A Changing of Hands

Frimary 1, Yr. 1734, 4:34 am
As the edges of the Imperium grow ever smaller, we find that more of our borders touch with Those Who Do Not Wish Us Well. With the knowledge that the Coalition--a force comprised of the dreaded pirates known as the Ivory Corsairs, Felmar, Alkamar, and Raul--was headed directly for our shores, the Navy erected a Blockade at the mouths of the Harbour. Together, the Skeered of Nothing, The Golden Hide, and the BlackShip fought along side a small contingent of Varangian Longships and Akefian Galleons.

Sadly, their knowledge of the enemys sheer numbers and technology were lacking. The battle lasted little under eight hours, ending with the deployment of enemy Steamthrusters. While four of the five enemy ships passed by the blockade without incident, the fifth targeted the Skeered of Nothing, beaching her before coming to a stop. Though, at the time of writing this, we have not been able to check the wreckage, the Captain, one Kaiea Malikus is assumed dead. Both the BlackShip and The Golden Hide are assumed missing in action or captured.

Within the Harbour itself, another sad song of tragedy was written. Defected by a sole fearful Captain, half of the Imperiums Guard left their post to flee. Without the extra defense, chaos ran rampant. Stories of Maelstrom leftovers and the betrayal of Misanthropy are continuing to reach our ears, but we are unable to say if this is fact or fallacy.

The other half of the Stoatorian Guard was decimated by an explosion from within the Harbour, speculated to have centered from the tunnel system long known to hide beneath it. We have confirmed the deaths of Ministers Nuori Sken and Marquo Senderjay, and Admiral Mackenroe Rokford was last seen in the area of the devastating blast and is presumed dead. Know that their sacrifices were not in vain.

As of the present, enemy forces are still within the Harbour. We urge any who travel in or near Bully Harbour to take extreme caution.

May the Blessings of His Grace the Emperor Tumble Down Upon Thee Like A Golden Fog.

With the deaths of their characters, the current Administration team of Minister of War/Head Admin Nuori Sken, Minister of Niceties/Story Admin Marquo Senderjay, and Captain of the Skeered of Nothing/Ship Admin Kaiea Malikus will be passing on their positions and leaving the site. While we have enjoyed writing with you all, it has come time to pursue our own projects and ideas, though we wish you all well.

The new Admin team will be composed of Anithias A. Freedom as Head, Minister of Commerce Bridger Vorsky, and Minister of Misanthropy Zilaco Wyndshard. To add to this, Nuori will be succeeded by Naida Darkon as Minister of War, previously known as Captain of the Stoatorian Guard. The position of Minister of Niceties will be left open, to be filled later by an exceedingly nice individual; such is also the case with the position of Admiral.

If youre interested in following the new exploits of Sken, Kaiea, and Marquo, feel free to look for information via the Facebook VI Group.

Game Events: Thee End of Maelstrom - Expanding Horizons

Notempre 4, Yr. 1733, 9:49 pm

Over the course of the last year, the Imperium has been accosted by the anarchist group known as Maelstrom. On the stormy day of Macabre the 18th, the Maelstrom cowards kidnapped several more beasts of note, including such notable characters as: Tandor Slemm, the mayor, Nadia Darkon, Captain of the Stoatorian Guard, Mackenroe V. Rokford, Captain of the Skeered of Nothing, Kaiea Malikus, Blademaster of the Unsmudgables, and Caden Freemont, son of MinoWar Nuori Sken. Negotiations went south as the news of Cadens assumed death by fire** reached the stand-off in Red Oak Place, and several outgoing members of the Imperiums delegation were shot down. Biding their time, Nuori forced a strategic retreat. With this, broke all out chaos as the Maelstrom dogs poured over the city in a wave of fire, filth, and fighting.

The Stoatorian Guard kept to several barricades placed throughout the city, a key factor in pushing down the well-trained Maelstrom beasts. First, however, to take the brunt of the attack were the Grey Guard, fulfilling their intended purpose as the peoples militia. Also present throughout the city were the elite forces of MAUL and the Unsmudgables, both as strike-teams and clean-up squads. At the apex of the fighting, throughout the pouring rain, came the final battle of Ash Prophet and Bronze Fang, within a secluded warehouse. Exposed in his final moments as Murkle Mack, dreaded Captain of the Red Vengeance and starter of the Bronze Fang legend, Ash Prophet burned his face with the bronze mask.

However, within the Harbour, the fighting only intensified. The Golden Hide, and several other Imperial ships fought against Maelstrom sloops, which exploded at while in close proximity to the other vessels. Carrying decoys of Bronze Fang, they hoped to keep the mystery of his identity at large.

As the last holdouts of Maelstrom fled to a Fort at the Imperial Jetty, the MinoWar personally saw to the destruction of the anarchists stationed within. As the clouds broke and the sun set on the Harbour, Nuori gave the order to fire upon the fort. Exploding in great plumes of flame, rock, and gore, the last of the Maelstrom threat was extinguished.

In the aftermath, the last traitors would be rounded up for the noose, and the streets cleared of bodies and blood. Sken was reunited with her son at the Ministry of War building. Captain Rokford escaped his kidnapping with his life, though barely as he was flung from the roof of the Bully Harbour Opera House. He has since been promoted to Admiral of the Navy, where he will work the rest of his days pushing papers and hopefully Not Having To Move So Much. Kaiea Malikus was promoted to Captain of the Skeered in Rokfords stead.

With their largest threat taken care of, the Imperium now seeks to expand its borders, and find the waters of the world far more inviting than they first thought. With all of its flagships refitted and remodeled, they set out on their own tasks, expanding the reach of His Majesty the Emperor.

**This news had been delivered on the destruction of the last known whereabouts of Caden in a plume of fire. Various beasts who had witnessed the event report having seen beasts jumping out of a second floor window before the house exploded into flame. These reports have not yet been confirmed.

Game Events: The Vulpine Imperium: Ten Years Later

Bugs 6, Yr. 1733, 11:12 am
As of this month, The Vulpine Imperium, a website that has become one of the last bastions of activity within the ROC, has been running for a decade.

Together as players we have created and maintained a world of action, adventure, intrigue, emotion, and good, rollicking fun. We have all made characters we are heavily invested in, characters who have become inseparable from the history of the Imperium, each playing an active role in how events of the past ten years have played out.

We have gone through ups and downs in activity and have weathered our fair share of bugs and hacks, but still here we are, writing together and making good, lasting stories. Because that's what we're about here: Storytelling. Together we have created legends, our characters heroes and villains within the constantly intertwining mythos of the Imperium.

And there is much more to come. A new age of the Imperium is beginning, new plans set in motion as we sail into a vast world of discovery and expansion for both the setting of the VI and for our characters. I look forward to sharing in this discovery with each and every one of you, our dedicated writers.

A special and much heartfelt thanks to Retto, our Minister of Innovation, for keeping this site up and running as long as he has. I also thank our admins, both past and present, for preserving a consistent setting and keeping the VI true to its purpose.

Lastly, to all of you who make up our community of players: This place would not be what it is today without your inspiration and creativity. We built this place as a community, and that is how we have endured-- not through the will or power of one, but through our work as a team of writers who are, in my opinion, one of the most supportive, friendly, and close-knit online communities I have encountered.

Let's hear it for the VI! Huzzah!