Vulpine Imperium

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Ship Wrecked

By Dran Colus
Dark water swirled around the rat as he splashed into the water, the yells of his fellow crew beasts warped, and the rat felt himself engulfed by a freezing cold that made him gasp in shock. But instead of air he sucked in water, which only increased his fear, causing the rat to try and frantically swim to the surface. His head broke the surface, and his eyes opened so he could only watch as a massive wave came up and smash into his ship. The beautifully crafted ship groaned and creaked and tipped on its side, sending the other members of the crew screeching into the sea.

The rat felt a horrible nauseous feeling in the pit of his stomach as he felt his eyes begin to swell with tears as he heard his mates scream in fear as another wave crashed on top of them. Those were his mates, his crew, the beasts that laughed and drank with him, and now they were gone. The rats gaze was torn from the sinking ship to the massive wave rising up behind him, and he screamed as the wall of water crashed on top of him as well…

The rats eyes popped open as he felt a gentle breeze on his face, and he wretched as his lungs expelled the water he had swallowed. Cursing he tried to rise, but ended up sitting on his bottom in a fit of coughing, so the vermin decided to just sit a while. After almost coughing up his lungs, the rat took stock of his surroundings.

Now, from what he could tell, this was your typical island. A white sandy beach with palm trees, and behind that dense jungle he dare not try to investigate. After all, who knows what horrible savages might be hiding in the dense foliage? So, getting onto his feet, which was hard cause his legs were wobbling, he finally stood up. Breathing in a big gulp of air the rat noticed that besides sand there were pieces of his ship on the beach! Pieces of timber, netting, barrels, and even a few spears were washed up onto the beach! Blessing his luck the rat set about collecting whatever he might find useful.

And while he was collecting items for his survival, the rat didn’t notice a small lean figure dash into the bushes from behind a tree…