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A kitten gets a rapier

By Pavot D. Sauvage
The young kitten quickly went through the foreign kitchen. At only about 6 seasons, the scrawny cat hadn't much to lose other then the cloak on her back. All she needed was food.

BINGO!she grabbed a jar of fruit and carefully shut the cabinet she was rummaging through.

Bang! The front door to the house slammed shut. A very drunk, very large Pine Marten waltzed in with a half empty cup of grog sloshing in his hand.

The young feline, with her prize in hand walked as softly as she could back to the window she came from, near the front entrance. Half way there she was spotted.


The drunken marten attempted to set the cup down on a wall, the cup promptly fell and leaked it's contents across the floor, He then charged for the young wildcat.

The feline jumped out of the way just in time to watch the pine dive nose first into a wall. She collected her stolen belongings and ran to the living room. It was a small homey room, which contained a single, a fire place, and a plaque presenting a rapier with a golden handle, and a small awe crossing arms.

"HERE BEASTY *hiccup* BEASTY! Come out *hiccup* come out where ever you went!" The drunkard was stumbling his way to the orange and black cat's location.

Running on pure adrenalin now, the kitten ran and yanked on the rapier's handle, trying with all her might to pull it lose before the marten found her.

The uneven paw steps were becoming louder, the drunk getting closer. Again she yanked with all her might, no movement.

The large pine marten was now in the doorway of the small room. a crazy, bloodthirsty look on his face.

"Now there you are. Come here, it wont *hiccup* hurt much." the marten tried to sound persuasive, but the smell of pure alcohol seemed to be fleeing from his very existence.

Her eyes wade, the young feline gave one last yank of the rapier, and the sword came free. Heavy in her paws, the kitten threw her weight into stabbing the massive beast.

Before she knew it crimson leaked from the monster's midsection. If it were any higher, the cat would've killed him. She retracted the sword from the flesh of the matin, and sprinted for the window, not even bothering to look back.