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The Ferret Nobody Knew.

By Raeden M. Drear
A ferret stood at the edge of the pier, looking into the deep, murky waters below. No one knew who he was.

He was dressed in a tattered Captain's jacket. It fluttered gently in the refreshing breeze.
His broad chest rose painfully with every breath.
His strong heart beat feebly.
His fair, sable fur, which had begun to fall out in tufts, was caked with blood and grit.
His bright, gleaming eyes were bloodshot and half-blind.
His white teeth were broken and yellow.

The words to a song he didn't remember were on his lips. He was standing at the helm of a ship that wasn't there. He was surrounded by friends he hadn't seen for thirty years. A bright-eyes she-ferret nipped him on the ear teasingly, snuggling up against him. "Zach, you're dreaming again, silly."
There was a single tear on the old ferret's face. It slid down his cheek.
"I wish I was, darlin'."
He stepped off the pier, disappearing beneath the murky waters. The sunset was the last thing he ever saw.
And so ended the life of Zachary R. Flint.
Pirate Captain, Mercenary, Soldier-of-fortune, Adventurer, Poet, Husband, Father.
But of course, nobody knew that.
All they saw was an old ferret who took death into his own paws.