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Zemmerug Zitspike and Grigg Snaketail

By Zemmerug Zitspike
Zemmerug stood on the bow of his ship watching the seas infront of him. He called to two oafish searats.

"Yew two, giddup 'ere an' lookout fer land!" He said. The rats nodded and got to work. He turned to a brawny ferret.

"Gerrup t'da crow's nest an' tell Stukkworm t'look f'land!" He said. The ferret started climbing the tattered rigging. A skinny weasel, and a fat searat sat on a pile of crates. They gnawed haplessly on some fish bones. The weasel let out a yelp as he was pulled by a paw off the ship. The rat looked down, and saw a longboat filled with relitavely young rats.

"We got 'un! Git th'other'un!" Shouted a tall one with a jagged spear. Two archers shot at the searat, one arrow missing but the other piercing his paw. He screamed as he fell onto the longboat.

"Git ta Grigg Snaketail! 'E'll know wot t'do wit dissun!" Said the spear-rat. The two archers, and a rat with a broadsword began rowing. The spear-rat smiled smugly.