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Continuation of Zemmerug Zitspike and Grigg Snaketail (idk how to actually continue it :P N00b)

By Zemmerug Zitspike
The searats never noticed the two corsairs get slain, and continued work as usual. The first mate, Whitepaw, grabbed Kubber the steersbeast.

"Call Stukkworm! Ask 'im if 'e sees land." He said. Kubber nodded and shouted.

"D'ye see anytin'?" He asked. Stukkworm nodded.

"Aye, a longboat! Wot 'as rats innit!" He shouted back. Whitepaw ran down the steps to the door of the captain's cabin. He pounded on the doors.

"Cap'n! Cap'n! Rats in boats 'been sighted!" He shouted. Zemmerug opened the door, sending Whitepaw flying backwards.

"Led's geddem!" He shouted. Waggy ferret, a competent corsair with a spear lead a party of 100 to the bow.

"Lookit ah kin see 'em!" Shouted a burly searat. A skinny fox pointed.

"Sum o' us are in dere! Dey got sum o' us searats wit 'em!" He shouted. Alarm spread through the searat masses.