Vulpine Imperium

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the fall

By Deekra N. Lark
The stoat felt for the edge of the cliff. He looked down and gulped. Pointy grey rocks jutted out below. Waves smashed against the shore. A sword pricked his back.
`This is what happens to thieves and liars. Now jump` Captain Redear the fox hissed.
`No, no, no, no, no, it wasn`t me, I was forced to. Ask Irontooth and Fearhound` the stoat whimpered.
`I seem to recall two certain ferrets saying the same thing to save their skin. They stood exactly where you are standing. They fell exactly where you are standing. Now jump` Redear prodded him. The stoat shook his head.
`It will be much easier for you to jump, because if you don`t we will have to use other methods to execute you` Redear smiled wickedly. The stoat leaped off in fear.
Waves battered mercilessly. Rocks tumbled down overhead revealing a small cave. The soaking broken form of a stoat lay on a flat rock in a cave. A squirrel stood over it, carefully removing shards of stone from it. Crowded around the squirrel was a pitiful bunch of vermin and woodlanders.
`Will he live?` a weasel asked hopefully.
`Is he anything to do with those two weasels that fell?` A vole stepped over and looked at their newest arrival. An old shrew entered, bearing water and bandages. He emptied the bowl of stone shards.
`He may live, but give him some air please`
The stoat coughed weakly and opened his eyes.
`Do not try to talk yet stoat. Drink this` the squirrel held a beaker of liquid to the stoats mouth. The stoat closed it`s eyes.
`When it wakes up It won`t remember much. All bad memories will fade, and even good memories will be hard to access. Fern, Hazelnut, you are in charge of him. Any rebellion from him, bring him to me` the squirrel began clearing away his equipment.
`He is in good hands. The Freehealers have him better now`