Vulpine Imperium

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By Deekra N. Lark
`Ahoy over there, HELP US. We`re trapped on a sinkin` ship and we`re starvin`. SAVE US`
Lights blinked overhead.
`Look, lights! Paddle this way crew!`
The upturned ship floated towards the lights. BANG. WHOOSH. Water gushed into the gash made by a large rock.
`HELP, HELP, Glug`
The lights surrounded him. Water flowed out of his mouth.
`Dooooo nooooot moooove. Seeeeeee eeeeeeteeeeerniiiiiityyyyyyy`
CLANG! The snakes fell, slain. A mouse steps over their bodies, carrying a loaded sling.
`This way. The others are all dead. Drowned. You are safe`