Vulpine Imperium

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the battle

By Deekra N. Lark
`CHARGE!` The two sides met with a clang. One side, the rebels had more vermin with them, but the other side, the castle guard was more equipped. Archers stood on the roof firing arrow after arrow into the mess. Slingers lingered on the edge of the forest hurling stones everywhere. The cloaked figure was everywhere at once with his dagger, weaving through the lines, dodging behind bodies and pricking fighters. The rebels fought hard for freedom but could tell that they were losing. Then there was a crash, and an enormous boulder smashed down, taking half of the castle and its forces down with it. Renewed with energy the rebels fought tooth and claw to win...
Three score of the rebels wandered round robbing the weapons and finery of the bodies littered everywhere and looting the castle for food. A castle fox pulled three of his comrades off him and sneaked away, his mind ticking as he worked out a plan. No one saw him go, thinking about revenge and how to win the castle back. He laughed wickedly. No one could out think him. He had outlived all of his friends and he would outlive his foes too. Very soon hopefully but he could wait. He could wait.