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A Therapy Session

By Amator Summus
(Just a little thing to add some depth to Ymir's story. I didn't want to throw this onto my profile, so it'll be here in case someone wants to see it.)

The following notes the results of a mental examination done by Anryss Fenriel, Cleric and Nurse of the Splintered Pike.


One of the crewbeasts paid me a visit today about the newbie, the big white fellow with scars all over his body. She said he's been tossing and turning a lot in his sleep, and he refuses to sit still while he's awake. She's also reported that he keeps staring at objects with an unsettling amount of focus, and often times does not respond during these periods. I called him in a while ago for an examination.

He was doing just as the crewbeast reported. Staring at things, moving around, sometimes even standing up and walking around. He didn't answer any of my questions verbally, and judging from the big scar on his sternum, it's not by choice that he's being silent. I asked him who he was, and where he came from, and who he was with before he found us... he didn't say. He shrugged, shook his head, and waved his big mitt around dismissively. He may look like a bit of a big, dumb oaf, but something tells me he's smarter than he looks. His eyes say he isn't the type.

I asked him if he'd been sleeping well, and he shook his head. He couldn't seem to explain why, especially since I'm not that great at charades. I think it was something about a family member or friend of his, maybe they got lost or killed, and he feels responsible? Or maybe he's looking for them? It did seem as if he was looking through some binoculars at one point. He seemed sad, too, when I tried to ask more questions about it.

I gave him a pad and asked him to write. He shook his head at me, and tapped his skull. He doodled something onto the paper that looked like a book, and scribbled it out. He was trying to tell me something, and I'm pretty sure it's that he either never learned how to read or write, or forgot how to. But he could draw. That made my life a whole lot easier. I asked him to tell me more about himself, whatever he could remember. What I got was... well, interesting.

When he was younger, he went on an expedition into uncharted waters. Upon arrival at an icy, hostile island, he and his crew were captured by some kind of indigenous species, and he was the only one spared. They removed his vocal cords, and slowly integrated him into their society. They were primitive, and spoke with motions and crude drawings. He wasn't albino, and I knew that already. He has emerald eyes. Kinda pretty. But he informed me that he used to have a brown coat, and it changed to white during his time on the island. He spent his time hunting, running, lifting, climbing, and he became the brute that he is now. He was cold at first, but he seemed to almost become immune over time. That explains why he jumped into the frigid water without hesitation and never seems to be wearing a shirt.

He then informed me that he left the island on a crude raft, and wound up here. He has an interesting story, to say the least. I thanked him for his time and let him head out. I'll be calling him back in here again for another session. Maybe we can fix his night terrors and find out why he's always staring at things. Maybe.