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Ghosts of the Past

By Shorla L. Fascher
Shorla awoke to the smell of smoke, she coughed and fell out of the top bunk of the bed she shared with her brother, Shinar. With streaming eyes she made it to the door and opened it, only to be greeted by a burning stairwell.

Shorla started awake in her bunk on the Golden Hide, breathing heavily she sat up and took in her surroundings.

"Yer on th' Hide Shorla, not in th' fire o' yer house in th' northlands..." She said as she calmed herself down.

As she was to shaken to go to sleep, the wildcat swung her cloak over her shoulders and walked past the sleeping beasts to the deck. The cool night wind and the sight of the moon did wonders to calm Shorla's nerves. And as she stood on the deck, leaning against the railing, her mind went back to that fateful night.

She had tried to get to her parents room, her parents would have known what to do, but as she was trying to open the door, her brother had picked her up and thrown her through the window in their room, and then he had jumped out after her.

She had tried to get back into the house, her parents had been in there, but Shinar had dragged her away, telling her they were already dead, before the fire even started. She hadn't believed him then, she hardly believed him now after he came to the Hide and told her again. Her parents had been murdered in their own home while she was asleep, and then the beasts that had murdered them set fire to their home.
Shinar had watched his sister wake, he knew what was likely the cause of her nightmare, and he knew she would want at least a little time alone before he joined her on deck. Now he stood up and made his way past sleeping beasts the same way his sister had a few minutes before. He silently climbed the stairs and stopped at the top, Shorla was leaning against the railing, sniffing slightly.

"I miss them as well, lass." He says gently, and walks forward to give her a hug, "But now we have each other."