Vulpine Imperium

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do you remember me?

By Deekra N. Lark
Do you remember me?
I remember you.
When we were three,
Honest and true.

You were following a rat,
It turned and ran.
Past a large wildcat,
That is how it all began.

The cat charged at you,
With one paw`s claws withdrawn.
Blinking it`s eyes,
In the light of the morn.

Well, that`s where I came in,
Just walking by.
When I heard a loud din,
And your noisy cry.

With my white teeth bared,
And walking stick in paw.
The cat got real scared,
And sheathed his claw

So we both went home,
Feeling rather glorious.
For we had both,
Emerged victorious.