Vulpine Imperium

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By Deekra N. Lark
Nothing. There was nothing I desired more. It lay beyond where I stood, calling to me, like a beacon to a sailor, like a piece of cheese to a mouse, like the sky to a bird. I reached through the bars for it, but it was so, so far away.

I was sick of them worming their fingers through the bars and cooing `Teeny, Teeny` at me. I was sick of the times they opened the door to donate a meager handful of food, but slamming it before I had a chance to scramble out.

I waited for a time I could get loose, but none occurred. I gnawed at the bars, but they bound my successes. I attempted to bury under, but they shoved the hole in. I even tried to just open the doors, but they had a difficult mechanism that I didn`t understand.

Finally, my chance arrived. They were going away, and had forgotten to organize someone to guard me. It was time.

When I heard the doors slam shut, my sharp teeth went to work. Snap! Crack! Down fell the bindings! Creak! Groan! The bars bent under my relentless force, and I was able to fit my head through. That was all I needed. I nearly dislocated my bones, but I achieved freedom. When my legs were safe and sound, I squealed with joy.
I had got it! The thing I had waited for, for so long. Freedom was mine at last. And I had learned something. No matter who you are, big or small, with patience, you can gain whatever you desire. Even a mouse.