Vulpine Imperium

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I fear we are lost

By Fabian J. Stormtail
I fear we are lost, me mateys dear!
The cap'ns lost 'is whole right ear!

'Tis just a scratch, me fine fellow!
I can 'ear just fine: you were sayin' 'ello!

Oh no, oh no! I fear we're toast!
The top mast scout's abandoned 'is post!

'Tis nothing, me mate! 'Tis nothing at all!
We don't need 'im: I can also look around an' stand tall!

Oh dear! oh horrors! We've met our end!
The wooden mast is starting to bend!

Don't worry about it, me matey dear!
I'll fix it up; be of good cheer!

'O now we're really at death's door!
How horrible-- 'tis a calamity the likes o' ne'er before!

An' what is it now, me worried mate?
'Ave a bunch 'o corsairs given us their 'ate?

'Tis not that at all, cap'n Derle!
We're all out 'o grog: every last barrel!

O blitherin' storm! O smotherin' cat!
Why in 'ellgates did it 'ave to be that?!