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The Lesson of the Mad Stoat of Ken

By Raeden M. Drear
Ooooh, find me a penny on the shores of Olde Mensey,
nay, it's the gesture that counts not the findings or loss!
I'll love 'till the end, for that right I'll die to defend,
Why, without a sword, I'd've just clawed and bit 'till the end!
And what of the Kings and the Queens and the Emp'r'rahs,
the Ladies and Lords and Dukes and pins?
Well they're worthless to me, aye, they'll throw me at the first sight of a storm's eye,
And that's why they call me the Mad Stoat of Ken.

Oh if there's one thing to die for, one thiiing to cry for,
I'll tell you, my friends, 'tis freeeedom, so 'tis!
The right to be mad, an', the right to be sad, an' the right to live happy and die a saint or a cad!
So throw your swords aside and hop on life for the ride and forget the gilders, y' won't need 'em aggen,
accept this truth, and soon you'll see what y' have is enoof,
Aye, an' never forget th' lesson o' this mad Stoat o' Ken!
Aye, an' so ends th' Lesson o' th' Mad Stoat o' Ken!