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The Blasted Bucket

By Masqueius V. Snitch
I once was a crewrat o' th' Blasted Bucket
An' never a day went I din' want ter say "curse et!"
"I'd rather've died, than wetted me hide,
A-sailin' these filthy seas!"
Oh th' Cook's a fat stoat, on this leaky boat
Mean as ever they came
"Swab th' decks, scrub that pot! Put yer back in, yew sot!
Or I'll chuck yer inter th' main!"
An' th' Cap'n's a weasel, yer sees
Killed, slayed an' murdered 'is way across the seven seas!
"Oh dear mother," I sighed, "please save me!" I cried
"From sailin' these filthy seas!"
"Oh dear mother," I cried, oh, most ev'ry night
While I was sailin' those filthy seas!