Vulpine Imperium

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Song of a Lost Jewel

By Lestari Putri S. Dianmawar
(In which Putri sings of the legend of the great star Sirius.)

Beloved, look at the stars.
Do you glimpse these lights so far?
Above the black velvet sky
Shines a jewel in the eye
So bright with dancing colours
That it gleams its demeanour.
My ancestors once told me
That the Lady Sutarmi
Once owned it with glowing pride
And she used it as a guide
In her sea voyages.

Until one storm, out of nowhere,
There came the cruel searat, beware!
Out of bravery she fought him,
Avoiding his blows at each whim.
Alas! He slashed her in the chest
From her jewels he loot'd the rest
Until blood spilled over the west.

Terrible dreams came to the searat
As her soul stared into him like that.
Her eerie eyes took a glowing glimpse
At his own, never blinking a wink.
He cried, "Have mercy, ghost Sutarmi,
Never harm anything, please, from me!"
Trembling, he gave back the last jewel
In fair exchange of a warm gruel.
Ghost Sutarmi stormed away, smiling,
Riding a cloud with silver lining.

Sutarmi's jewel glows on and on,
Melody's as sweet as carillon.
You can glimpse its presence at dark nights
Glowing with countless heavenly lights.