Vulpine Imperium

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March Past The Night

By Doppler Q. Treadfoot
(this was originally intended as a song, but I couldn't think of a tune)

From the rear comes the cry, "Forward!"
And we run.

The sun has now set, there is no homeward,
The only direction lies ahead in our way.
We can't see them, we can't hear them,
So we run in the darkness, wishing for day.
And the front rank falls to them.

From behind us his voice shouts, "Onward!"
And we run.

The sun is long gone, as is homeward,
Just a thought hidden in the back of my mind.
Only one way to go, and it's straight to them,
So we run blindly knowing what we'll find,
And the front rank falls to them.

From our back we hear the command, "Forward!"
And we run.

Was there ever a sun, or a place called homeward?
It must have been a dream, lost now and dead.
Because the only way we can go is to them,
So we run, trying to shake this feeling of dread.
And the front rank falls to them.

From over my shoulder he yells, "Onward!"
And I run.

To the sight of the sun, and homeward,
Not now in this night, it's not here.
There's another way to go, away from it all,
So I run, breaking the bonds of my fear.
And the front rank falls.