Vulpine Imperium

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By Capatrease D. Cuttooth
The skies once blue have faded grey.
The clouds: they rolled in yesterday.
In time, every word you say
Seems to be tossed so far away.

Just leave me with the good ole times
When things always seemed to rhyme,
The days when all we said was kind,
The days that we will never find.

Last night all I heard was fighting;
The morning brought us no more lighting.
Day gave way, but storm clouds broke;
The land that I once knew was soaked.

I look out now across the seas.
I feel I’m blind, although I see.
The love I knew was lost, set free.
There’s nothing left inside of me,

No one left to guide me here.
Into the waves, I shed a tear.
Somehow life is what I fear.
The edge of the cliff seems so near.

The wind whips up to meet my eyes,
Biting like the icy lies.
A sail grows distant from my sight,
And I wonder, “Was I right?”

I turn my back unto the waves,
Banish thoughts of ocean graves.
Life’s too precious to be lost,
Or from a windswept cliff be tossed.