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By Vulpera C. Errul
Wow. *deep breath* Okay. ^__^ This....this is a picture that I worked uber-hard on, dedicated to all of you. To Seige especially, for always being there... For Taylor, for being....Taylor! ^_^ For Terri; a great Captain and friend. For Moro, who can always make me laugh. For Equilo for helping me out alot. For Latty, because she always compliments me. For all of you out there who critiqued and complimented my artwork...

I know this pic isn't perfect; but...I hope it's getting there. Slowly. ^_^ Thanks to all of you out there who keep me going, and tell me not to give up. A million thank-you's! And I'm going to get better, I hope. ^_^

Picture by Vulpera C. Errul