Vulpine Imperium

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By Karken D. Vansquod
Sometimes I ponder,
Awake in my bed.
In delicate wonder,
Of bygones now dead.

Of actions I took,
And decisions I've made.
The reactions they brought,
And the prices I paid.

Some were bad,
And others were horrid.
A chain of pain,
Left guilt undistorted.

Some I cherish,
Holding deep in my heart.
My lifeline to hope,
To a new refreshed start.

Some were hard,
Tearing me in two.
Never really knowing,
Was it right to do?

Some were blissful,
Made others laugh.
Though embarrassing,
Funny in time past.

So what I've learned,
And ultimately discovered.
Your ship is your choice,
Your past is your rudder.