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Death Amidst Roses

By Odysseus Somerled
A gardener among the roses
Is a very common sight
Until the poor man dropped his shears
And ran away in fright

Trembling, quaking, shivering, shaking,
The gardener ran to the master
He ran as fast as he possibly could
But still wishing he could run faster

The gardener's master was quite alone,
Walking in silent repose.
"I quit my job!" the gardener says
And down the path he goes.

The master arches a brow,
Then calls to the gardener and asks him why.
The gardener turns around and says,
"I am going to die!"

"Death was in the garden sir,
As plain as anyone could see.
I stopped what I was doing
And watched him beckon to me!"

"You see, I have a family sir,
I'd like to see them one time more
Before I am bidden to enter
Through Death's eternal door."

The master continues on his walk
Through the vibrant garden.
Soon he stops, white with fright
For Death to him does hearken

Death was dressed in nothing but black
Far darker than the darkest night
A feather topped hat, a scepter with a skull
Surely he was quite a sight!

The master was stunned at what he saw
He said in a voice laced with fear:
"I must ask you to go away,
For I welcome only friends here."

At long last, Death finally spoke,
"My good man, have no fear.
I knew a man you knew as 'Father.'
I knew him, and he knew me."

Death turns a rose blossom in his hand,
Almost in a silent reverie
Then casts it aside.
"Your father and I were good friends." says he

The old master began to say,
"What about the gardener?
Why did you scare him?
Why did you make him run away?"

"Old men mistake my gestures,
I'm rather sad to say.
I only wanted to ask a question,
But alas, he ran away."

"The gardener was right to run from me.
He is growing old, his time nearly done.
But he is lucky; today is not his day.
He is not the one."

Death draws closer to the master,
Talking all the while.
"I'm looking for the owner of the garden."
Says Death with a simpering smile.

The master looks around,
But there is no way he can flee.
Death studies the master and says,
"I take it you are he?"