Vulpine Imperium

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A picture is, indeed, worth five hundred and seventy-eight words, as the grand Emperor once said. We are proud to host the artwork of our citizens at the Gallery. We also appreciate having a good description of what the picture is supposed to be. We can only show pictures up to a certain size, so if your picture is too big (you will be told if it is), then please resize it.

When Drawing Art

There are tons of things to take into account when drawing pictures. Fitting five hundred and seventy-eight words of material in such a's no easy task. Often, you'll do one or two little things wrong and the entire thing will just Wrong proportions (the relationship in size and space of one object to another) are the most frequent cause of odd looking pictures. Try to measure things in terms of other objects (ie. "This arm is three times as long as the head is tall, and the torso is two times as long"). If you can, getting a model is a great way to create a good looking drawing.

A Good Picture...

A Bad Picture...