Vulpine Imperium

Your Bunk (is important)

This is your bunk. I can tell ya, it's an important place. It's the first place you go to for a reason - it's got the most important info about ya all in one place.

Up top, you've got the stuff that you should know already, bein' your name, species, weapon, appearance, and biography that you've written for yourself in the Change User Information page. Usually, you'll gloss right over that, and get to the good stuff.

Your ship and rank are important things - they change more often than the stuff above them, and you'll probably know these better than you know, for instance, your biography (mem'ry bein' what it is and all).

Ye've gotten through that. Now you get to important things. Symptoms come up if you've gotten sick. You can get sick various ways, from poisons, from fights, or because of some bad choices. The little bar below it is about your health - when you're 100% healthy, that's just it. You're doing good. However, it can get down there, to 50%, 20%, and those low numbers. You get more symptoms of sickness the more sick you get. You can read more about being sick at the Infirmary's page.

There ya go, the next one is also in that little shaded bar under your name on every page. Gilders is our form of money, here in the Imperium. You want to have a lot of it, because money means power, among other things.

Below that are your weapons - you've got eight, no matter how rich or poor you are. You can upgrade these weapons at a Blacksmith, if you wish. Below the weapons are your Elixirs, which can improve your fighting skills. Read more about those in the Fighting section, though.

Below that is links to your strongbox, investments, and your mailbox. Your strongbox will list all the recent submissions and contributions you've made, with how much you got for each. Investments links over to your investments pages. Your mailbox is an invaluable tool for keeping in touch with people. It's on every page, too.

Below that is a section so you may equip your Primary and Secondary Weapon accessories. You'll have to do some more research into which ones are best for you, since, out of all the choices of Weapon Accessories (which help you when you're dueling), you can only use 2 at a time.

At the very bottom is Recent News from our fair friend, the Government. It can be anything from notifications, to business opportunities, to warnings. Read it if there's something new there, as that's usually important stuff to keep an eye on.

Your bunk's got a lot of items in a small space, so it may be a bit confusing at first; don't worry, though, you'll get through it quicker than a hot knife through butter once you get used to things.