Vulpine Imperium

The Casino

The Casino! What a great place. Here, for just a small amount of money, you can get very rich! Getting rich is not for everyone, and the tightfisted may not enjoy the thrill of the casino.

To play the slot machine, simply pull the lever! You could win up to 500 G!

To play roulette, put in a bid, select your number, and off you go! Winning, you can double your bid!

Twenny-Wah is much like the game of 21, where you draw random cards from the deck, and try to reach 21. In the Imperium, the deck is somewhat different, with cards ranging from 1-9, with values according to the number. There is also a Captain (C), Admiral (A), and Minister (M), with values of 10. The Emperor (E) has a value of 1 or 11. Twenny-Wah is played using a Blank Deck, which includes one blank card (value of 1).