Vulpine Imperium

The Months And Holidays Explained Further

Like other solar calendars, the Imperial Standard follows a twelve-month model, most months having from 28 to 31 days. Unlike most solar calendars, however, the exact length of each month depends very much on the Emperor's mood. If His Worship feels, for instance, that a certain month is dragging on, or is becoming unprofitable, or unlucky, or just plain boring; or if he gets wind of a plot to take his life on the 29st day, he is free to cut the month short and add the difference to the end of some subsequent month. Frimary, however, is always 28 days short at most, unless the Emperor declares it a "Jump Year", in which case the days would number 29.

Though the Emperor's power to lengthen and shorten months has always been an irksome bother to the more alert citizens, (it is not unknown to lose a birthday or two) the custom is so very antique, we suggest you accept it without question! Almost all seem content to forget the reason the Olde Kalendar Systym had been revised (i.e. Burned and Swore Off, Ceremoniously) in the first place was a horrid abuse of this very