Vulpine Imperium

Frequently Asked (short) Questions

There are several questions which, quite frankly, are too short to deserve their own help page. The longer ones get their own....well, because it's easier to index and find them that way. So, if you are wondering...just look.

What was used to make the Vulpine Imperium?

The Vulpine Imperium was created using PHP, mySQL, and Macromedia Flash. All art was done by Sean Rubin, with pencil and pen on paper.

Is the Imperium open-sourced?

The Vulpine Imperium is not an open source project because, due to the nature of several of our activities, this would open up a rather lot of security issues. A best defense against many things is ignorance.

What is Redwall?

It's a series of books revolving, most often, around Redwall Abbey. Read more at the Official Website.


It may seem overwhelming, but be sure, when starting, to check out the starting guide, and to keep close lookout on the Help pages.