Vulpine Imperium

The Fight Game

Ah, so you want to learn about our Duels, eh? Now an uncivilized beast would call fighting just fighting, but here in the Imperium sanctioned Duels need to have rules. If you just want to fool around feel free to do so in the taverns, but to settle scores Dueling is the way to go. And what score isn't settled with money involved? When you challenge someone to a Duel and they accept, you then have to put up a sum of money the winner will receive. Once you agree on a bet, you'll go to the selection of a weapon. If you remember that form you filled out when you joined, you were required to choose one of eight weapons as your personal implement of death. The one you picked is your default choice. Since you are not as proficient with the other seven, your fighting power will be decreased when you pick one of those. This is important, because some weapons are better against some and worse against others. Here is the matchup information you should know:

vs. Bow Axe Broadsword Sling Spear Cutlass Rapier Club
Axe Bow tie Axe Sling Axe Cutlass Axe tie
Bow tie Bow Bow tie Spear Cutlass Rapier Bow
Broadsword Bow Axe tie Broadsword Broadsword tie Rapier Broadsword
Club Bow tie Broadsword Sling Club Club Club tie
Cutlass Cutlass Cutlass tie Cutlass Spear tie Rapier Club
Rapier Rapier Axe Rapier Sling tie Rapier tie Club
Sling tie Sling Broadsword tie Spear Cutlass Sling Sling
Spear Spear Axe Broadsword Spear tie Spear tie Club

Now, this doesn't mean you'll lose outright with your Bow against someone with a Cutlass. But you may receive a couple more cuts than you'd like. Once you've set your weapon you'll have to strategize and choose what master moves you'll pull on your opponent. You can pick one of four move combinations:

Regular Move 1 and Regular Move 1
Regular Move 1 and Regular Move 2
Regular Move 2 and Regular Move 2
Special Move

The first Regular Move is considered the average; it fares well versus a weaker weapon and poorly versus a stronger weapon. Against an equal strength weapon you may do a lot of damage or a little. The second Regular Move does alot of damage to a weaker weapon and very little against a stronger one. Against an equal strength weapon you'll do an average strength hit. As for the Special Move... well, if you choose it that's all you've got. You may screw up and not do much damage at all, but the maximum is pretty impressive. The important thing to know about damage is that the numbers aren't set in stone - they are only ranges. Depending on factors like upgrades, weapon to weapon matchups, and such, the range will move up. If your damage range is 7-10, then you'll end up with an amount of damage equal to 7, 8, 9, or 10. You never know how strong your opponent really is.

Now, your weapon and strategy alone won't be enough to win a Duel. You need equipment! If you've been in any of the Smithies and other stores you may have noticed some accessories lying around. Accessories, once purchased, can be assigned as Primary or Secondary Weapon Accessories (you see these as PWA and SWA in your Bunk). Depending on what they are and what weapon you use your attack power will increase. On top of Accessories, of course, you can own better weapons to begin with. The type of weapon won't change, but beefier weapon upgrades (Bow to Longbow to Crossbow and Club to Mace, for instance) can increase your damage range dramatically. Once you've upgraded your weapon, you won't need to again. So if your Crossbow gets stolen (thievery is rampant in our Imperium, I'm afraid) you won't need to buy a Bow, upgrade to Longbow, and so on; you'll be able to buy a Crossbow again outright.

The last thing that can affect your damage dealt (not counting Lady Luck, that fiendish vixen) is our friend the elixir! Those bottles you may find in Apothecaries are filled with the goodness of the Gods... The results are all depending on what kind of tonic you're actually drinking, what weapon you seem to be holding, and how you've strategized your moves. Fiddle around with the combinations, but don't bill me your doctor fees!

Oh, I must've forgotten a little tidbit about Dueling! So sorry. The winner receives the money bet upon and a story to tell of course, but the loser receives something less coveted. If you do happen to lose and get a Broadsword gash in your leg you'll receive an amount of the dreaded sick points equal to the difference between the damage your opponent dealt and the amount you dealt back. You should check up with the Infirmary on how sick points work before you start Duelin', but if you think you're ready then head on down! Good luck to ye! {insert witty ending here}