Vulpine Imperium

Give Permission to Upgrade Rank

To upgrade to a higher rank, you must recieve permission from someone of a certain rank, who certifies that you are able, willing, and competent enough to do the job.

When giving permission, please act responsibly, and only give permission to upgrade to those that you feel deserve it. Permission may be given by anyone of the needed rank, no matter what ship they are on.

Landlubbers have always automatically given permission, and the role of a Mayor in upgrading rank can be assumed by any of the Ministers, the Mayor, or a General Superuser.

Ranks Required for Upgrade

Gives Permission Gets Permission
Landlubber Crewmember: Decoy (Recruit)
Landlubber Crewmember: Searat
Landlubber Crewmember: Bucketbeast
Landlubber Crewmember: Deckswab 2nd Class
Landlubber Crewmember: Deckswab 1st Class
Officer: Ensign Crewmember: Chief Petty Beast
Admiral: Commodore Crewmember: Senior Chief Petty Beast
Admiral: Rear Admiral Crewmember: Master Chief Petty Beast
Admiral: Admiral Crewmember: Master Chief Petty Beast of the Navy
Captain: Commander Officer: Greenhorn
Officer: Lieutenant Officer: Ensign
Captain: Captain 2nd Class Officer: Lieutenant
Captain: Captain 1st Class Captain: Commander
Admiral: Vice Admiral Captain: Captain 2nd Class
Admiral: Admiral Captain: Captain 1st Class
Admiral: Admiral Admiral: Commodore
Mayor Admiral: Rear Admiral
Mayor Admiral: Vice Admiral
Mayor Admiral: Admiral