Vulpine Imperium

Selling at the Public Market

Don't own a store yourself, but still want to get rid of those no-longer-needed or old, inherited items? Need to get rid of the loot from your thieving runs? Then the Public Market, matey, is for you. From the list of your items, you can select what extra items you have - that is, items that you can afford to get rid of. The amount you can sell is in parenthesees next to the item name. Next to it, input the amount you would like to sell it for, and how much you would like to sell each one for.

A transaction in the Public Market has an 80% chance of getting the item to it's buyer, and an 80% chance of getting the money to the seller. If you check "Swindle", then you decrease both these chances by 20% - making it a 60% chance. Your buyer won't know if you've got swindle on, so it won't affect your customers, but it may effect your profits.

The items you have for sale at the market are listed at your "sell" page, so you can easily see how long each has been on the market.

You cannot recall an item from the market - but you can buy it back from yourself.