Vulpine Imperium

Managing Land!

You'll become very familiar with this screen - it is through here that you can manage your farm.


In the Imperium, it takes up to 30 days to grow a fully mature crop. Crops change productivity per month.

*** = Grows Well
** = Grows Moderately Well
* = Grows Terribly
Not Listed = Does not grow at all

Primary - Berries**, Potatoes**, Grapes*
Frimary - Potatoes*
Smarch - Grain***, Potatoes**, Grapes*
Soggus - Potatoes***, Grain**, Grapes**, Berries*
Merry - Grapes***, Potatoes**, Berries**, Grain*
Bugs - Berries***, Potatoes**, Grapes*
Thermidor - Grain*
Humidor - Berries**, Grapes*
Milarkus - Grapes***, Potatoes**, Grain**, Berries*
Macabre - Grain***, Potatoes**, Grapes*
Notempre - Potatoes*
Dismembre - Potatoes***, Grain**, Berries**


It takes 25,000 seeds to plant one acre. After planting once, you can add more acres for 5 days. After five days, you will not be able to plant more until the current harvest is over - thirty days after the first planting.


Crops can be harvested from the 25th day after planting to the 30th day after planting. You can harvest 2 acres per day without assistance. Workers are 10G each, and can harvest 2 acres each. Crews are 6G each, take 40% of your production, and can only harvest one acre each.

Convert to seeds

A B = 500 plants. 1 plant = 3 seeds. 1 B = 1500 seeds.


You sell Bs and seeds in packs. So, you might decide that 3Bs should go for 4G. You might decide that 2500 seeds should go for 3G.