Vulpine Imperium

Your Ship's Cabin

The Ship's Cabin is a resource of information about your vessel. Here, you can learn about the captain and admiral in charge of the vessel, it's size, and it's hull integrity.

The ship's morale is an important indicator of how important to the Imperium a ship is. The Morale of a ship is equal to the merriment of the ship plus the profit of the ship, minus the days it has been at sea times 150, minus twice the amount of sick points the crew has.

A ship's Merriment is affected by what drinks the crewmembers buy. Drinks can be found in a General Store or Tavern.

Drink Merriment Values

Drink Merriment
Grog 4
Water with Pond Scum 3
Water 5
Strawberry Cordial 7
Seaweed Grog 15
Hector Thaum's Paint Remover 60
Bailey's Olde Speciale 60
Ole Ironinsides 60
Snodgrass' Special 125
Williker's 1000 Proof 125
The Gelded Goat 125
Snahpp's Bearhugger 1400
Bromwich's Old Peculiar 1400
Klear Kholer’s Water 25050
Mr. Trickster's Mystery Elixer ?

The ships captain can, from this screen, punish members who have been idle too long. A Crewbeast can be forced to transfer to another ship if they are idle for 12 days. If they are idle for 21 days, they can be booted off the ship, and sent to shore.

For Officers, forced transfer can occur after 8 days, and booting is allowed after 18 days. If the player is in vacation mode, they cannot be booted or transfered.

From this screen, the captain can also pick his subordinates (First Mate, Second Mate, Bosun, Aide-de-camp, and Cook), and, if the captain wants, assign one to be Acting Captain, giving them the ability to raid or explore.