Vulpine Imperium

Meet the Messengers

To send money to another citizen of the Imperium is easy. The Messengers can get it to them guarenteed if it's possible.

Ezekiel Redpaw

An old and wizened stoat, many suspect Ezekiel stays with the messengers because his wife is an utter annoyance, and he despises the notion of staying home with her all day. By all rights, he should have retired long since, but he is a valuable and important member of the Messengers. Ezekiel will take a minimum of a comission for his work, saying that he does it more for the walks around the city than the money these days.

Fentooth Niberach

Fentooth "stupid-foreigner" Niberach has got a reputation. A reputation for doing exactly what those above him say, and nothing else. Fentooth would not be taking any comission had someone not told him that it was okay, should he slip just a little bit of the coins to feed his family (ie. his mother).

Miles Svindler

Those who know Miles know that he always has "Something Else" running on the side. While he's been accused of everything from stealing to running most of the gangs in the city, nothing has been conclusive. Miles figures that being a Messanger gives him good reason to be out around the city looking for creatures, and a bit of a commission won't hurt anyone.

Wenifaw Darkblade

Wenifaw Darkblade is rather ashamed of her last name, and would like it, please, if you would omit calling her Wenifaw Darkblade, Wenny Darkblade, Darkie, Bladegirl, or "you!" (most because, despite severe effort to the contrary, she is conspicuously horrible with any sort of weapon). Wenifaw Darkblade is pursuing a career at art, and funds most of her supplies through an average sized comission.

Jacobean Myer

Not much is known about Jaco, other than that he will not speak, and always seems to be wearing black. In actual fact, he is trying to compile a tell-all story of the urban lifestyle of the Vulpine Imperium. Most creatures ignore him because he is generally ignorable, despite an average comission he takes on each delivery.

Atch Willard

Atch is the son of a wealthy farm owner. He's in the city because farming is not suited to sons of wealthy land owners, and is a messanger because he is, in fact, the 5th son of a wealthy farm owner, and very inconsequencial. Hoping to one day start his own business selling farm produce in the city, he takes a comission larger than most.

Thomas Frye

Frye was once an accountant, until it was found that entries such as "Frye's Famous Vacation" and "Secret Missions for Williker's" were found in various record books. Frye has determined that 4% of the gilders he carries will go to room and board, 2% to Williker's, and 1% to Sweet Sweet Revenge.

Erskine Levi

One day in the (so incredibly it may be called imaginary) distant future, Levi the Great will be a name on everyone's lips - the greatest singer Ever in the Entire Historie of the Vulpine Imperium. Becoming such a famous figure, Levi has found, costs gilders, which is why those who find their gifts being carried by him try to stifle an inward groan.

Jones Flattail

Stuttering Jones Flattail has got a scheme. You feel sorry for him, aww...the poor mite with big eyes, scraggly fur, and a pervasive stutter. Being preoccupied with that, you do not notice the heafty comission he takes.

Theodore Beechem

Muffle your groans of dismay, and stomp on your feelings that this is, truly, your unluckiet day! Theodore may look ugly, dress awfully, and smell other(under)worldly, but he's really a "very nice, honest" guy (ie. He's going to take as much money from you as he can. Be serious, here. This is a guy who's been arrested upwards of 20 times for stealing).