Vulpine Imperium

Enter the Imperium!

So you want to join the Imperium, eh? Good choice. Signing up is easy - you may be thinking to yourself, "4-5 fields? That's it?" We'd like to get you started as quick as possible, with the least ammount of hastle. But you're here because you're confused on something (or want some extra reading), so a description is probably in order.

The name field has three separate boxes in it. While that may be confusing at first, we're actually trying to get you to put in a first name for your character, a last name for your character, and a middle initial. The middle initial is optional, but we'd like to say that all the smart creatures have middle initials - it's a mark of intelligence - and it's very hard to get your name changed.

Your e-mail address must be valid! It's where you're going to get your password, and other important notifications. Don't worry, though, we aren't going to go and spam you. You'll only be recieving information about your password, or your account.

Here's where the most confusion will come - your species and weapon. Do they have an effect on things? Well, your species doesn't. At all (we aren't lying). Your weapon somewhat does, but no one weapon is better than any other. You may want to be sneaky and check up with your friends - what's the most popular weapon right now? Then go on over to the Fight Help Page and find out what weapon does well against it. But that's rather complex; You'll do well, to begin with, just picking one which fits your character.

But what about the stuff that isn't there? Where, perhaps you ask, is the place to fill in your description, or lengthy biography? Worry not! Once you login, you will be able to add those. And your password? A 6-digit randomly generated one will be sent to the e-mail you specified. It's reccomended that you change that when you login to something you remember well, but that is still a good password.