Vulpine Imperium

Stocking your Store

A store isn't a store at all unless it has things to sell. For that purpose, you can stock your store from two locations: The Public Market (discussed in its own section), and the Warehouse. The Warehouse has an advantage in that it can get you any number of the ware you would like to sell. Its disadvantage is that prices are fixed, and there is no such thing as getting a bargain at the warehouse.

The money used to buy items to stock your store in either case is your store cash value, contributed to whenever someone buys your stock (or buys an item from you), and taken away from any time someone sells a stock (or you buy an item).

When pricing your items, keep in mind the tax rate (33%). Therefore, you should always price your items so that 66% of the price is equal to or above the standard warehouse price of the item. If you do that, then your stock price will rise, and you will be on your way to riches!