Vulpine Imperium

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Ah, stories! The great entertainers! Stories are put on display, as well as occasionally read aloud. As there is, too, limited space for stories, you may need to fill the continuation spot. If even that doesn't fill your story needs, make it a story in parts. Stories, while get the same 10G initially, can get a great deal of gilders.

When Writing Stories

Good stories have two things: Great, believable characters, and an interesting plot. Many also have important or interesting messages. Before launching into a story, figure out your main characters in full depth (use a guide to character creation, if you want). Also, figure out your plotline. Don't imagine it to the fullest detail before you start - that often leads to you getting bored with the entire thing before you've gotten halfway through - but do have a good idea of the way things will go.

A Good Story...

A Bad Story...