Vulpine Imperium

General Submission Information

Any submission will get you 10 G immediately upon submission. It will then be submitted to the Ministers for their review. There, they have the right to change parts of it, and rate your submission by how good they feel it is. Should you decide to flood the Gallery, trying to get quick thousands of gilders, please be warned that you will lose at least all of the gilders you made illicitly, and maybe even more. Also, if you try to put there work which is not your own, be ready to face severe consequences. The Ministers allow your work to be put up because they feel it furthers the interests of the culture and provides for entertainment, but should you abuse their kindness, you will fall upon the full might of the many punishments the Imperium can give you.

It is reccomended that you write your submissions in another program, such as Microsoft Word, and spellcheck them, before submitting them. This gives you good points because we can read it, and you don't feel like you need to be rushed to send it in. Once you've finished it, just copy and paste it into the text box.