Vulpine Imperium

Deleting your account / Commiting Suicide're done with this? I'm sure you've reached your decision rationally, and have come to a good conclusion (though, it seems obvious to everyone that you haven't, or that you are starting up a new account). But, unlike some places, you just can't go, "Oop. There I go, dead."

See, in the Imperium, there is this tradition, that when you commit suicide, you name an heir (to get 50% of your estate), and you write out a nice suicide note explaining why. What you decide for the method and note don't effect anything other than other creatures feelings.

Methods of death varry. Drowning is bloodless, and you may not be found for a while. Hanging doesn't involve sharp objects or blood, either, and if you do it right, is over in a second. Jumping is for those who like the anticipation. Falling on your sword is for the dramatic and pain-tolerant. Lastly, poisoning can be swift, inobtrusive, and clean.

You cannot name a character that does not exist as your heir. If you do not choose an heir, your money will go to the Imperium and be used for the Good of The Creatures.